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  • Wedding | Keller Design

    Wedding Projects Over the years, we have met wonderful clients who came to us to design them their wedding invitations and wedding stationeries. Jia An + Reuben Wedding Invitation Design Emily + Jason Wedding Invitation Design Ghin Fong + CK Wedding Invitation Design Pei Yee + Tong How Wedding Invitation Design Jun Wei + Sharon Wedding Invitation Design

  • The Montessori Place | Keller Design

    The Montessori Place 15 pages prospectus for TMP Service Brochure Layout Client The Montessori Place Year 2018

  • Home | Keller Design

    We are a small team of designers providing creative services to our clients. We work with our clients to develop design solutions that encapsulates their individual expression through purposeful design. Ji An + Reuben Watercolour, Illustration, Wedding Invitation Keller Homemade Art Direction, Branding, Product Photography Comma Consultancy Art Direction, Illustration Nurtured Nest Logo Design, Branding Kopitime Cafe Menu Design Risen Logo Design World Teacher Aid Magazine Layout WillowSpring Art Direction, Business Card Jun Wei + Sharon Illustration, Wedding Invitation and Stationeries Emily + Jason Watercolour, Illustration, Wedding Invitation Tong How + Pei Yee Venue Decoration, Wedding Invitation and Stationeries Ghin Fong + CK Venue Decoration, Wedding Invitation WordMatters Art Direction, Business Card Skintreats Logo Design Colony Wallpaper Design The Coffee Sessions Art Direction, Renovation, Branding The Montessori Place Brochure Layout Really Good Emails Site Posting Dover Lakehouse Branding Cheeky Monkey Series Illustration Let's Work Together! Follow Our Journey

  • Colony | Keller Design

    Colony Creating and designing a Wes Anderson’s theme wallpaper for one of Colony’s Mutiara Damansara main conference room. The stylist decided on a dark emerald colour with dried leaves inspo. Service Wallpaper Design Client Colony Year 2019

  • Keller Homemade | Keller Design

    Keller Homemade One of our first major projects in designing the products, marketing materials and the complete branding package for our sister company. From designing the logo, creating product templates, labels and packaging boxes, sourcing the right fabric, sewing the products to marketing it online, and many more. Service Art Direction Branding Logo Design Website Design Label & Packaging Design Client Keller Homemade Year 2016

  • World Teacher Aid | Keller Design

    World Teacher Aid It is with great honour to be commisioned to design World Teacher Aid’s yearly magazine. WTA is a Canadian charity committed to improving education throughout the developing world. The magazine is distributed to all their donors, informing them of the financial growth and the process of the schools that are built for the kids in Kenya and Ghana. ​ Service Magazine Layout Client World Teacher Aid Year 2016 With a clean, minimalist theme in our mind, we worked towards creating a 'line' style logo and ....... XXXXXX Please help me insert more text here hhahahahaha .. i want at least 5-6 lines of words here. Thanks.

  • Nurtured Nest | Keller Design

    Nurtured Nest Designing a bold and minimalist logo for Nurtured Nest. ​ Service Client Art Direction, Logo Design Nurtured Nest Year 2020

  • Word Matters | Keller Design

    Word Matters Although designing business cards are not new to me, a hot pink business card is definitely a first. I thought I heard wrongly when Alexandra Wong, an independent storyteller and solopreneur at Word Matters specifically requested for a hot pink business card design. Service Art Direction Business Cards Client WordMatters Year 2019 Once in a while, meeting clients like Alex is what makes my work meaningful. I don’t just get to put out my design ideas, but I also bring something home myself. In Alex’s case, I learnt that my business card designs don’t always need to be blue, black, grey or green – which is always the case for my corporate clients. Alex wanted hot pink because it makes her card stand out in a sea of other name cards. Thank you, Alex, for teaching me to dare to be different because you truly are. Alex is well-known for her portfolio website . The bunny is very symbolic of her character, while the officially registered company name is Word Matters. To incorporate these two completely different identities together (which in reality is very Alex), I maintained the emphasis on Word Matters with a subtle bunny icon that sprints or dashes across the ‘A’ in ‘MATTERS’. With this subtle design element, it combines both Word Matters and ‘Bunny Sprints’ perfectly together – as if to say, Bunny only provides “A” class work. 😉

  • Really Good Emails | Keller Design

    Really Good Emails Collating emails and posting it onto their website. Service Site Posting Client Really Good Emails Year 2014 to present

  • The Coffee Sessions | Keller Design

    The Coffee Sessions Probably the most most in depth and comprehensive design/branding project we had to date. We started out with drafting the design concept in the early stages and then completing the design details of the cafe from the floor tiles to the feature ceiling. We also worked with multiple parties to get a fully equipped commercial bakery and kitchen installed without having it intrude on the simplistic design that we were going for. Service Art Direction Branding Menu Design Interior Consultation Client The Coffee Sessions Year 2015 Our involvement extended to the ongoing design of the menu and online marketing materials on social media throughout the operation of the cafe.