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These are a few of my featured projects that I have enjoyed working on in the past 10 years.


It was a good experience to work collaboratively with talented individuals over the years, and make a tangible impact. We are grateful for the experiences and growth they provided.

The International SeaKeepers Society Asia

We had the privilege to be part of a remarkable project where we designed a 58-pages booklet for The International SeaKeepers Society Asia to educate and guide boaters what impact and pollution recreational boatings can bring to the marine environment....


Nurtured Nest

This project involved spearheading the entire branding project for a Reggio-inspired preschool in Singapore, Nurtured Nest. The branding project encompassed every aspect of the preschool's visual identity. We crafted a captivating logo that captured the essence of the institution, carefully selected a bold yet soothing color palette to evoke a welcoming and playful atmosphere...

Nurtured Nest 1.jpg
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The Coffee Sessions

The Coffee Sessions - a specialty coffee cafe in Malaysia. This project involved a wide area of expertise, from concept development, to space planning, to interior design, to equipment and furnishings, to menu planning, and developing their branding and marketing collaterals. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, as we....

The Coffee Sessions.jpg
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